What Can’t Wait

Have you ever heard a child or adolescent utter, “I can’t wait!!!!”

As adults, we may have used the same phrase. I can’t wait for the weekend! I can’t wait for vacation! I can’t wait for dinner! I can’t wait to go to church!  I can’t  wait (insert answer here)!

But what is it that God can’t wait for? This Advent, we are exploring What Can’t Wait.

Hope Can’t Wait. Hope is more than wishing. Hope is based in reality. Hope builds on what you know or believe to be true rather than just what you want. We have hope for a better world. God gives us hope and that can’t wait.

Peace Can’t Wait. Peace is more than an exclamation or end of a war, but the realm of heaven on earth. That peace is through reconciliation. When we repent and reconcile ourselves to God, we become a vessel of God’s peace and the peaceable kingdom here on earth. God offers us peace and that can’t wait.

Joy Can’t Wait. Joy is often confused with feeling good. The source of our joy is not in what we have, but in God. God’s presence on earth is dynamic. Therefore, our faith in God and the coming of Jesus promises us that we are never alone. God offers the people he loves the fullness of joy for which we were made. God gives us joy and want us to rejoice and that can’t wait.

Love Can’t Wait. God’s love is unselfish, compassionate, and unconditional. He gave it to us. He tells us this love will be our trademark. This love that God has for us and the gift we await, can’t wait. God loves us and that can’t wait.

God can’t wait for hope. God can’t wait for peace. God can’t wait for our praise and adoration. God can’t wait to be love in flesh. That can’t wait.

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