The Sower

Sunday’s Scripture –July 12, 2020

Matthew 13: 1-9, 18-23



The Parable of the Sower is one of the most familiar stories that Jesus told. It can be read at Matthew 13:1-9, and Jesus goes on to explain it in verses 18-23. (Don’t you love when he does that?!)

The Sower in this story is God. He shows no partiality or favoritism, but lavishly scatters seed on all types of soil. What good news! He does not prevent seed from landing where it lands, whether the trampled path, the rocky ground, among thorns, or on good soil.

It’s just that, some soil is able to receive what is sown.  And some is not.

We are the soil. Our souls are the place God lavishly sows the seed of God’s word.

It makes sense for us to be dirt, really. At the dawn of Creation, God took the dust of the earth, formed it, and breathed life into it. From dust we have come and to dust we will return.

But, what kind of dust, of dirt, of soil are you? Because whether or not the seed can bear any fruit, and how much, depends on what kind of soil it lands on. Maybe the soil of our lives has been trampled on one too many times so it’s easier to stay hard-hearted, impenetrable. Maybe we love the things of this world a little too much and need to do a little weeding. Maybe there’s no place for the seed to create deep roots because persecution comes and it’s easier to sell out. Maybe it’s just hard to understand God’s ways and we’re tired of trying. Maybe we’re just too distracted to tend our soil.

Our prayer needs to be “Lord, make us good soil.” This is a prayer God loves to answer.

Like Jesus’ command for us to abide in Him (John 15), our concern is not what kind of fruit we bear and how much. Our concern is on being the right kind of soil. Soil that is broken up, loose, pliable. Soil that is taken care of by good weeding and consistent rock and thorn removal. God wants to and will bring forth good things from our lives. That’s the nature of seed sown on good soil. Our job is to remain the type of soil that God can do something with. May it always be so with us.



  • What kind of soil would you say you are today? Why?
  • What are the rocks, thorns, and weeds you need to remove from your soil? Do you need a good tilling?
  • What are some ways you take care of your soil? Are you doing it faithfully?

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