Sabbath: Rhythm of Life

This June we are talking about Sabbath.

Rhythm of Life

One of the greatest things we might miss in our daily routines is how God is working through creation to bring beauty and joy to that creation. How wonderful to see in the command to keep and honor the Sabbath the reminder that, after God created the heavens and earth, the land and seas and all that are in them, God rested. God rests not because God needs rest after all that work but rather to appreciate all the wonderful things He had created. God wants to spend time with creation, appreciating it. And that includes us!

God breathed life into creation, which gives us the ability to move, grow, work, play, breathe, swim, dance and rest. And God wants to do all of that with us. When we stop for the Sabbath, we stop so we can remember God is always with us and wants to enjoy our comings and goings alongside us. Remembering Sabbath in this way might change how we think about what we are doing the rest of our days, too.

Sabbath: the regular practice of an intentional pause… to revel in God’s delight. Try it.

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