Sabbath: Appreciation

This June we are talking about Sabbath.


Because of our addiction to busyness, our first thoughts of Sabbath are “vacation” or “lazy day.” This is not entirely what God calls us to. The holy rest of Sabbath does not necessarily look like sleeping in (though it may entail that!), but rather completely changing our orientation for a time. Rather than continuing our practice of constant striving, Sabbath carves out time to recognize that God has already given us everything we need. Sabbath is about seeing God’s splendid creation all around us, and enjoying it.

Colossians 3 encourages us to dwell deeply in the word of Christ. So, how do we do that? Jesus tells us what God thinks is important, and from the beginning, God grants us life, family, community, health, food, shelter, safety and purpose. These are things God wants to celebrate with us.

Sabbath: the regular practice of an intentional pause… to revel in God’s delight. Try it.

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