PW News for January 2020

A Note from the Coordinating Team

Happy New Year!  2020 feels like a year full of possibilities!  We hope to see you this year.  We are very excited about the plans we are making for this year’s retreat at the Dillard House in March.  Please read below for additional details.

PW would love to see you!  Whether you are returning, a new face, or a regular attendee – you are welcome and your presence is appreciated!


Come join us for a relaxing and rejuvenating weekend in the mountains.  All are invited!

MARCH 20-22, 2020

Ask a Christian for a one-word description of God and the most likely answer will be “love.” God’s transforming love for the world in Christ is the very heart of the Christian message. Yet many of us seldom, if ever, experience this love, and some even think we shouldn’t be the focus of God’s attention. Where do we get these ideas and how might we expand our understanding of who God is? Would your life be different if you lived like someone is who loved every day?

Come and spend a weekend thinking about the assumptions–or frames–through which we see God, and make those frames larger, different, or toss them out altogether and take up new ones. Together we will explore the One who sees us completely, loves us totally, and invites us to live loved every day.

The Reverend Dr. Catherine Taylor is a retired PCUSA pastor who served congregations in Georgia, New York, and Virginia, most recently as senior pastor/head of staff of Blacksburg Presbyterian Church in Blacksburg, Virginia. Her sermons have been featured on Day One (the former Protestant Hour), and she has led workshops and retreats at the synod level, Montreat, and for a variety of congregations and women’s gatherings.

Catherine is married to psychiatrist Robert Dean. They have two adult children and one granddaughter, the reason for their recent move to Decatur.  Catherine writes, “Helping each other expand our understanding of God’s love always brings unexpected gifts. I look forward to our time together.”

MONTHLY Circle Bible Study:

The Rebekah circle meets at 7:00PM on the third Tuesday of every month, and the Ruth circle meets at 9:45AM on the third  Wednesday. All women and friends are welcome!  Child care always available by RSVP.

This year, we will be completing Horizons Bible Study: Love Carved in Stone: A Fresh Look at the Ten Commandments, by Eugenia Anne Gamble

What would it mean to consider the Ten Commandments not as a harsh list of what not to do but, instead, as a “love letter” from a loving God? A fresh embrace of the Ten Commandments (or Words), author Eugenia Gamble suggests, may ultimately contribute to the restoration of ourselves and our communities and the furthering of the gospel in the world. “Moral behavior matters, not simply because immoral actions can anger or disappoint God, but  because principled behavior is how love becomes real, both toward God and in community.” Love Carved in Stone is a Bible study that helps us reframe the way we look at and live in the world.

Each lesson begins with an exploration of one of the Ten Words in its biblical context. From there, we consider a moment from Jesus’ life that shows us how he lived out that Word and then consider the Word for our own lives and contexts. We conclude with an invitation to pray with the Word in our circles or study groups and in our personal devotions.

These lessons are always stand alone, and all women are welcome, so please come when you can.

Claudia and Pam

Missions of the Month


Presbyterian Women (PW) is sending gift cards to our college students and homebound seniors for Valentine’s Day.  If you have someone you would like to receive a fun Valentine surprise, give us their name and mailing information (email Claudia).

Any monetary donations would be appreciated and can be placed in the PW Box in the Mail/Work Room marked “Valentines.”

Dates for your calendar:

3/20 to 3/22/20: PW Spring Retreat

5/5/20: Birthday Gathering

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