Prayers for Guidance

My Friends,

I am usually pretty good with words.  Today, I struggle. I am heartbroken by the murder of George Floyd, and my heart continues to break watching the response.

Sunday is the story of Pentecost. The interpretation shared in our video is that God desires us to connect with one another in order to deepen our connection with God.

We film our services early in the week, so while the interpretation generally relates, you will see no specific reference to these events in our video.

Were I to preach on this passage today, I would suggest that the Holy Spirit need not come like a spirit of gentleness, but instead like a desperate howling wind, shouting at us to do the hard work of recognizing that we are one human family. And as one family we need to recognize the beauty and dignity in every person, bestowed upon each of us by our Creator.

We may claim to be good people and claim that we have done nothing to cause this tension, and those claims may be true.  But they do not exempt us from speaking up, offering more than thoughts and prayers, working hard to see that every person on this planet is created in the image of God, and ensuring that they are treated as such.

Have mercy, O Lord.


Patrick Day
Northminster Presbyterian Church

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