Spiritual Growth

Northminster Presbyterian Church offers a number of ministries that provide opportunities for the congregation to connect with God, each other, and the community.  We offer programs for Adults, Youth, and Children, including education, fellowship, music.

In addition, Northminster sponsors a number of programs that reach into the local, national and even international community.

Beginning September 12th, we began gathering around God’s word as we seek to Follow Jesus through learning about biblical practices for faithful living. We will practice several different biblical practices as a faith community this fall and winter! Join us as we grow in faith together.

Classes for children, youth, and adults
  • Children meet outdoors weather-permitting. Children will meet indoors in inclement weather. Parents will receive resource take-home to continue the conversation at home.
  • Youth meet in youth room.
  • Adults meet in room 110/111. This hybrid class is available for those meeting in-person at the church and for those who would like to join online.

In addition to classes for different ages, we will host intergenerational gatherings on specific Sundays! These Sundays are designed to strengthen the connection across generations as well as offer a place for all to learn together. Look for more information about upcoming intergenerational Sundays. 

 Current Follow Me Theme:

  • January 2 - February 6 ~ Live in Community