Making a Difference

Assembling meals for people whom we will never meet. Repairing houses that have been destroyed by storms and floods. Sitting in a hospital room. Just holding the hand of someone who is recovering from surgery. Walking and working and serving side by side with other members of Northminster – going from acquaintances to friends. None of these things by itself are difficult or world-changing. But, each time we make another meal or make a new friend and vow to do it all again next week, next month or next year – together these things move mountains.

Simple acts, there is nothing mysterious about them. And yet, when added together, we are able to respond to the difficulties life presents. Together these acts add up to God’s love being truly present and growing. When we do not have the answers, we find that turning outward – away from our own thoughts and worries, toward serving others – brings the answers we need.

This is why we are talking about ‘Making a Difference’ this year. As we seek to understand and to follow the call of Jesus Christ and as we seek to shed our anxieties and burdens and live into new life, again and again, we find what we are seeking in serving others. In serving others, we make a difference in their lives, and we make a difference in our own. We become more caring, more generous and more understanding as we see the world and the people in it as God sees them – including ourselves.

The more we become the people whom God has called us to be, truly following Jesus Christ’s way, the more we want to keep doing it all. We find that the mysteries of the faith – the strange statements of Jesus that the kingdom of God is near, the miraculous healings and feedings, a Savior who overcomes death. These things seem not so mysterious and strange. We see possibilities where only impossible obstacles existed and God at work in everyday miracles all around us.

Each of us makes a difference, and we can feel the Holy Spirit at work among us when we are together allowing us to do more than we ever imagined. This is what we are talking about each and every week at Northminster, in every ministry. So – how will you make a difference this year? How will we make a difference this year?

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