Love Can’t Wait

Sunday’s Scripture –December 22, 2019

Matthew 1:18-25


Have you ever had to put all your trust in something you didn’t fully understand or maybe even at the time, believe?

Joseph and Mary were put in that very situation. Everything in that culture and society was counter to what Mary and Joseph were doing.

As we read it now, does it truly sink in how miraculous their faith was? Many of us have heard the story since we can form memories. Even so that we m have lost the awe and wonder of the love that God had and has for us. That God would send a son to be the savior of the world. That God would entrust a young woman with the birth of this child. That God would use Joseph as her support and caregiver. That God would love us so much to give us this incredible gift.

In that time and place, Love couldn’t wait. In this time and place, we are called to recall the story, to share the Love that couldn’t be contained, to proclaim the coming of the Christ that would save us. Love couldn’t wait then. Love can’t wait, now.

Love Can’t Wait. God’s love is unselfish, compassionate, and unconditional. God gave it to us. God tells us this love will be our trademark. This love that God has for us and the gift we await, can’t wait. God loves us and that can’t wait.

O come, O come Emmanuel, God with us. Thank you, for the coming of your gift to the world. May we see you with fresh eyes, and a new vision of who you are.



  • When is the first time you remember hearing the story of the coming of the Christ child?
  • What was your reaction?
  • How do you share that story, now?




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