Write a Letter or a Note to Graduating High School Seniors

Write A Letter or Note to a Graduating High School Senior!

It has become the Northminster tradition to have members of the congregation write letters, cards, or even just simple notes to our seniors encouraging them about their future and offering any advice for college and beyond. If you feel led to write a letter, a card, or a note to one or all of our graduating seniors, please do so; it really means a lot to them. They will receive the letters on the night of the Senior Dinner.

All letters, cards and notes must be received by Sunday, April 28 NOON to be included in the packets. Letters can be placed in the labeled box on the reception desk counter. Please be sure all letters/notes/cards are labeled for each graduating senior. Contact Mary Ann Cronley ([email protected]) with any questions.  Our seniors this year are:
  • Kate Bennett
  • Leslie Calvert
  • Ty Cundy
  • Elly Deas
  • Charlie Furniss
  • Will Hannah
  • Lucy Henrich
  • Michael Keramidas
  • Oscar Lee
  • Robert Molinari
  • Liddy Schultz
  • Emily Stewart
  • Cameron Ussery
  • Caroline Watkins

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