In-Person Sunday Worship to Start

Dear Northminster members and friends,

Your church leaders have been working diligently for the past year to be able to send you this great news. We will open the Sanctuary for in-person worship on Palm Sunday. The officers had a “trial run” on Sunday, March 21st and it went well. It looks different, but it worked! It will only continue to work IF we all work together to reduce the risk for all of our church family. Services will continue to be livestreamed as we are committed to connecting with people on both our physical and digital campuses.

There will be some differences from what you were accustomed to before COVID changed all of our lives. Some of the specific changes that you will see at worship:

  • Registration is required. See link and additional details below.
  • Worship will not look the same. Shorter service. Fewer people. Socially distanced. Wearing masks.
  • Masks are mandatory. If you do not have one, you will receive one at the door.
  • Members will be greeted in the parking lot and directed to a certain parking area.
  • Two parking lots will be used – both are handicapped accessible. Entry and exit will be through the front door and the back door (past the Memorial Garden, into the Adult Ed Hall)
  • Members will be directed to pews, starting in the front and working our way to the back.
  • The service will be live streamed, so there are cameras in the Sanctuary.
  • There will be special music as determined by our new Music Director. The congregation will not be singing.
  • Ushers are available (with large USHER name tags) for any questions or challenges. They will also dismiss the congregation, from the back to the front. Please keep moving to the parking lots.
  • And, as medical professionals have stated, “After you have a vaccine, act like you haven’t.”

Please visit our In-Person Worship page to register. This page will have the current week’s link to Realm where you will sign up for worship. Be sure to click “next” on the first and then second screen to continue and complete the registration process. After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email with your details.

We look forward to all of our time together, in person and virtually.

Northminster is Thriving, not just surviving!


Patrick Day

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