Who We Are

In describing who we are at NPC, it is in some ways easier to say who we are not:
  • We are not perfect. We neither claim to be, nor act as though we are perfect.
  • We are not always in agreement with each other in matters of faith, politics, or economics.
  • We are not people who sit on the sidelines and wonder why the world can’t be different.
Here is who we are:
  • We are people who are tying our best to live the way we believe God intends us to live.
  • We are followers of Christ, who believe Jesus meets us where we are, and calls us to new life through relationship with him and with others.
  • We are people who will disagree with each others’ opinions and still joyfully gather together in worship and service.
  • We are people who come from many different backgrounds.
  • We are people who do our best to make this world a better place for our neighbors around the corner and around the globe.