Hope in Resurrection

Sunday’s Scripture –November 3, 2019

Ephesians 1:11-13


We learn from the Apostle’s Creed another attribute of what Disciples do. Disciples affirm their belief in “the communion of saints.” On All Saints Sunday we teach and re-affirm our faith in the hope of the Resurrection. Resurrection that began with Jesus to which we proclaim in our baptisms. Resurrection faith that we remember those who have died from this life are raised in life anew.

Sunday, we will encounter the letter to the Ephesians. We will remember those whom have passed and celebrate their example. We celebrate the hope they had in the resurrection. The inheritance they gained, that we too will gain in the hope of eternal life.

The work of the Holy Spirit is woven into our lives. A major theme of Ephesians is a new community, belonging to the community, and the church. We have become participants in the fellowship when we believe and then act as disciples. You are made a participant in the unceasing exchange of love.



  • What saint in your life has had the greatest influence on your faith?
  • How do you remember those that set an example?
  • How can we carry the torch in reaffirming the hope of resurrection?

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