God’s Promise of Guidance/Youth Sunday

Sunday’s Scripture –February 9, 2020

Ps. 112:1-10, Matt: 5:13-20


We return to the beatitudes this week with Jesus’ counter-cultural message.

Every home, however poor, used and still uses both salt and light. When Jesus was a young boy he would have witnessed his mother using salt in meal preparation and light lamps when the sun went down.

When breaking it down, the basic function of salt is to prevent decay. The basic function of light is to illuminate darkness. Jesus calls us to be both salt and light. Jesus calls his followers the salt of the earth and the light of the world.

It wouldn’t be too difficult today for us to find connections with the church of Matthew’s community. Our saltiness, our covenant community has weakened with so much division in our world. This stems from different denominations, traditions, ideologies  Just like Matthew’s community, it seems that the church today has lost its saltiness–its unity in Christ.

In a similar way, we can identify with the challenge to be the light of the world.

We, like the early gospel community, struggle to shine our light–we hide it under bushels of fear, we dissolve it in conflict.  IIn our polarized world, we are more comfortable throwing shade on others than shining the light of Christ–the life-giving light of God’s kingdom.  As a result, we are not shining our light to a world in darkness. We are not proclaiming God’s kingdom–God’s eternal reign of love and peace.

Jesus’ words don’t just stop with those instructions, but calls us to fulfill the promise to guide others. We are repeatedly being called into God’s work, into God’s kingdom on earth and after this world has passed. We are given a warning if we are not salt and light to others. Our command to be righteous is not only for ourselves, but for others to follow. God uses us to teach others. We are to fulfill God’s promise.

We can be reminded of the song, This Little Light of Mine. A verse that warns us not to hude our light:

Hide it under a bushel? NO!
I’m gonna let it shine
Let it shine
Let it shine
Let it shine

May we all shine our light and fulfill God’s promise of guidance in our lives and the lives of those that are entrusted to us. May we be a guide to those young and old.


  • How are we to live in community?
  • How can we be salty?
  • How are we to shine the light of God’s Kingdom without fear into our world?


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