God’s Promise of Faithfulness

Sunday’s Scripture –January 19, 2020

1 Corinthians 1:1-9, Psalm 40:1-11


Something important to keep in mind when studying Paul’s writings is that he had no intention of his letters being preserved, interpreted, and read as Holy Scripture two thousand years later. He was just writing to specific people in specific circumstances about specific topics. He did not set out to establish a complete, systematic, covers-everything theology; he was just reacting to what was happening in the local congregations he founded.

The correspondence to the church at Corinth is probably some of the most extensive literature that we have in the New Testament. The Abingdon Bible Commentary writes, “Each letter has a value of its own. First Corinthians of all Paul’s letters shows most fully the perils and problems of a missionary church in the first century.”

The Corinthian church was a new church with old problems. These problems arose from divisions the source of which could have been differing backgrounds, religious instructions, or prior religious interpretations which infiltrated their current belief structures. No matter the case the correspondence between Paul and this church was to help direct their spiritual journeys.

Paul’s greeting addresses the Corinthian church was waiting. Paul’s begins his letter encouraging them. He reminds them of God’s promise of faithfulness. God will be with them on this journey. The letter goes on to discuss some divisions in the church. But, Paul begins with reminding them of who and whose they are.

Just like we need to be reminded that even in times of division and uncertainty, God accompanies us on this journey. God will never leave us or forsake us. God’s promise is sustained. It was then, and it is now.



  1. Can you recall a time when you felt God’s presence in your journey?
  2. Can you recall a time when you felt distanced from God?
  3. How can we be reminded to remember God’s promise of faithfulness?

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