God’s Promise of Blessing

Sunday’s Scripture –February 2, 2020

Psalm 15, Matthew 5:1-12


In Matthew, Jesus teaches us that we need to be followers, even if it means being persecuted. We are to be meek, pure of heart, merciful, and peacemakers. We are to rejoice and be glad waiting for our reward in heaven.

This message, this lesson is counter cultural. Even at the time it was delivered on the mountainside. Many things have changed, but this is just as counter cultural then as it is now.

We are pushed and driven to succeed, to be right, to be the best, to be first.

Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday, where the best of the best in football, play to receive the title of Champion. We even rate the commercials that we see on the screen to pick our favorite and name it the best Superbowl commercial of 2020.

Be the best. Achieve that. Do this. These are messages of our time. But what Jesus is asking us to do goes against most messages the world throws at us, today. It’s difficult to wrap our minds around. It’s opposite to what we are taught by the world.

The blessings God promises us are not the blessings of this world, but of God’s kingdom and plan. May we strive to follow the teachings of Jesus even when it goes against the world.



  • Where have you experienced blessings in your life?
  • Do you think success is mismeasured in our society?
  • What must one do to be a good Christian?

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