NPC to Host Family Promise in October

This message is from Cheryl Cundy and Pam Prochaska as your new NPC Family Promise Coordinators. Yes, we finally are letting Susan Harper and Leslie Jones retire from the Coordinator roles that they have held for more than 8 years. Susan and Leslie created a strong program, kept amazing records, and have passed the torch to us. We cannot thank each of them enough for all of the hard work and numerous hours that they put into this program. When you see them, thank them again!

To close 2021 (yes, we said close 2021 in September!), we have been asked to host 1 more week. NPC has agreed to host October 3rd-10th in-person with minimal contact with the families. Here is some background you may not have heard:

  • When COVID hit the world in early 2020, Family Promise stopped weekly location rotations, and the guests stayed at St. Luke’s for almost a whole year. When it was NPC’s turn to host, we provided gift cards and funds to clean St. Luke’s.
  • Dinners were still provided to the guests, but evening hosts were not utilized. We would provide one overnight host for emergent issues. Many times, the overnight host would not see any guests for that year.
  • Slowly over the past months, the guests have been rotating to churches again. At first, rotations were monthly, then every two weeks, and now they are rotating every week again.

For the week of October 3rd, we will need volunteers for the Set Up Crew, Tear Down Crew, donating gift cards, Shoppers for Breakfast and Lunch Items, Dinner Providers, Overnight Hosts, and Laundry Angels. This looks like a long list, but it is small in comparison to past hosting weeks. Hopefully, by the time we host in 2022, we will be back up to needing a full volunteer contingent!

We are using the familiar site to have people sign up for shifts/duties:

We have made our requests for host weeks for 2022. The preliminary schedule is out, but we will send it when it is solidified.

Thank you for considering helping our Family Promise Guests. If you have any questions, please ask your question below.


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