Faith in Public

Sunday’s Scripture –November 17, 2019

Isaiah 65:17-25


The book of Isaiah is a rich, complex, and massive book. Many scholars divide the book into two major sections. Chapters 1-39 are known as First Isaiah and chapters 40-66 are known as Second Isaiah. Some scholars would split the book into three major sections calling Chapters 35 & 55-66 Third Isaiah. The reason for the splits is the subject matter Isaiah covers.



In Isaiah chapter 65, we see faith in practice.

Social issues are important to God and should matter to God’s people. We must constantly seek God’s vision found in Isaiah 65. It is letting our personal values dictate how we act in public. It is allowing our faith to navigate how we treat others regardless of thier faith, regardless of whether they are like us or not.  We must live out our faith, this dream, publically. We must make God’s kingdom on earth a reality as it is in heaven.

What about you? Are you practicing being a good steward of the life you’ve been given? Are you serving your church faithfully? Do you sincerely love all people? Are you putting the needs of others as your own? Exercising faithfulness and patience even in times of trial? Sharing with those in need? Approaching others with a generous and hospitable spirit?

Sure, none of us are perfect, but the first step to practicing good stewardship of our lives as isciples is recognizing that we ought to be practicing good stewardship! Consider how you can live your life in gratitude for God’s mercies. Ask God to show you what areas of your life you are failing to be a steward and recognize that as a child of God you have the gift and responsibility of abundant life.



  • How are you treating others as yourself?
  • What social justice issues are close to your heart?
  • What can you do this week to practice your faith publicly?

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