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Christmas: Welcoming

We will be posting Advent and Christmas devotions Fridays November 30, December 7, 14 & 21, and Christmas Day. You may use these devotions as you want – for yourself, with a group or as a family; all at once, or broken up throughout the week. We suggest you start with the Scripture readings before you engage the other pieces. Enjoy!


Isaiah 9:2-7

Luke 2:1-20


After all that preparation, Christmas is here. And with it comes something new. It can be hard to remember with all the hoopla that comes with the holidays these days. But at the heart of all the decorations, baking, presents and Christmas songs is the real reason we celebrate. We do all of these things to remind us about what the arrival of Jesus has brought to us.

Hope and joy and hospitality – these are the gifts that we want to remember this season. In times of sadness or struggle, a chance for new life is a miracle. Jesus brings us a new way to live and the grace and salvation to live in that new way. Christmas is a season filled with light as a reminder of the ways that our eyes are opened, the way new babies open their eyes and see the world as a place of wonder and possibility.

So, close your eyes. And open them and look around at the wonder God has brought to us. Merry Christmas.

Make It Your Own

Light a candle, or sit in front of some Christmas lights or a fire. Just sit quietly for a few moments, alone or with others, and think about what brings you joy. After a few moments of silence, write them down or share them out loud. Often, our celebrations are busy and we forget to just sit and enjoy them for a bit. Take the time to do that. Then, eat more cookies and play more games!


Beloved One – In this moment of peace, remind us of who we are and whose we are. We are Yours. We are Your adopted and beloved children. May Your love that came to us as a tiny baby grow in us as that baby grew. And like Jesus, may that love in us overcome all sin and death that tries to hold us back from loving others. In this moment of peace, give us peace. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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