April 3rd Letter from Patrick Day

Dear Northminster Family –

We’re on the edge of Holy Week, and just as the days were uneasy as Jesus made his way into Jerusalem centuries ago, we’re living in precarious times now. Yet as Christ’s church, sustained by the Holy Spirit, we have gifts and a call by which to care for one another and for our neighbors. Worship in which we encounter our living God and know ourselves connected to the body continues. We have expanded our worship into our homes, knowing that as we read the same Scriptures, reflect on the Word, and share in the same prayers, we are held together.

The same is true concerning our celebration of Holy Communion. The session has prayerfully decided that the regular nourishment of the Lord’s Supper may and should continue as we worship in our homes. To that end, we invite you to prepare yourself for worship on Palm Sunday and Maundy Thursday with bread and drink from inside your home so that we may partake together. It does not need to be special bread or grape juice. Jesus used the bread and wine that were at hand! You may bring Graham crackers and milk or whole wheat bread and cranberry juice. Even pretzels and water will suffice. The important thing is that you bring yourself to worship.

You may find more information regarding Palm Sunday worship, Holy Week Worship information, and schedule here!


Rev. Patrick Day

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