Northminster’s leadership consists of fifteen Elders, one Youth Elder, and fifteen Deacons serving in staggered three-year terms. In addition, Senior Pastor Patrick Day serves as the moderator for the Session of Elders and participates in leadership decisions, and Interim Associate Pastor Davis Bailey serves as the staff advisor to the Board of Deacons.

  • Class of 2020: Roger Bennett, Mary Ann Cronley, Sue Farrell, Clint Johnson, Bea Lee, and Larry Williams.
  • Class of 2021: Nina Hardee, Ed Reeder, Donna Smith, Andrea Vandervort, and Ken Wilson.
  • Class of 2022: Sarah Belknap, Sherri Bozardt, Nan Brown, Tonya Holody, and Don Hooper.

Elders oversee the following committees: Business and Facilities Management; Communications and Technology; Mission; Outreach; Spiritual Growth; Worship; and Youth.

  • Class of 2020: Lad Dalburg, Susan Lawrence, Bruce Moore, Kathy Thomas, and Karen White.
  • Class of 2021: Arlene Bennett, Nancy Campbell, Wayne Edwards, Sheri Mastin, and Tom Provost.
  • Class of 2022: Kat Ballou, Tim Cundy, Brad Doiron, Jenny Lee, and Gwynne Mesimer.

Deacons oversee the following committees: Congregational Care, Fellowship, and Membership.