A Child’s Weekend Mission Trip Review

Did you come to the Weekend Mission Trip? If you came, you would know that I made a new friend with Karen White. It was very fun to know that someone came that would stay my friend forever. Also, while we were there, it rained, but that did not take away the spirit of happiness. We went to a hospice house for homeless people. While we were there, we made a butterfly garden which had a beautiful centerpiece. We also made bracelets for the residents that symbolized Psalm 23. Emily (Tedder) and I went inside and gave the bracelets to the residents. They enjoyed the fact that we were making a pretty garden for them and loved the bracelets. We found many spiky orange caterpillars. We hope that we can go back soon. You should come on the Weekend Mission Trip next year! 

Abigail Vandervort


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