How to Check-In on the Realm App

Directions for Realm Phone App to check in on Sundays:

  1. Go to the App store and download the Realm App to your phone.
  2. Open Realm App on your phone.
  3. Sign up for an account creating a username and password. If you already have an account sign in.
  4. Once the Ream App is opened tap the 3 white lines in the upper right hand corner of your phone screen.
  5. A drop down menu will open and select Mobile Check In.
  6. Next a box will open with your name or names of people to check in. Select the arrow to the right of the name.
  7. A drop down menu will open and check the box of events you will be attending. If checking in more then 1 person repeat for each person.
  8. Next tap blue bar at the bottom of your screen that says Check In.
  9. A pop up box will show up on the screen showing the names of everyone you checked in. Tap the continue button and you have completed check in.
  10. Check in cannot be done until Sunday morning.