Make Your Elder/ Deacon Name Suggestions Now

For Elders and Deacons of the Class of 2026

And Youth Elder for the Class of 2024


The Nominating Committee of Northminster Presbyterian Church (NPC) is charged with preparing a slate of individuals to serve as Elders and Deacons. We are seeking the congregation’s assistance in identifying individuals who might feel called to serve in one of these capacities.

Elders:  Elders serve and lead committees responsible for the programs and administrative functions of NPC.

Deacons:  Deacons provide for the care and nurture of the membership of the congregation.

The Nominating Committee asks all members of the congregation suggest names of individuals whom you believe might be called to serve in one of these roles. Once the names have been received, the Nominating Committee will contact the individuals and more fully explain what is involved in being an officer of the Church and prepare a final slate of nominees to be presented to the congregation. A potential nominee has the option to withdraw their name at any point in the process.


Please use the suggestion form below to make suggestions of who you feel may be called to serve. (It is perfectly acceptable to place your name in consideration if you are interested in serving as well.)


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