NPC Welcomes Sasha Grant!

We are so excited to welcome Sasha Grant to the Northminster Family in the role of Director of Communications and Operations Manager. The passion, positive energy and experience she brings to us is truly a blessing. Her role and the contribution she will make as a Member of the Church staff will add tremendous value to all of us. In the near future, we look forward to connecting you with her and welcoming her to our Church.

At 6 years of age, Sasha (pronounced say-sha) orchestrated a competition on the playground for some crayon-colored drawings she made the night before. There were monkey bars, slides, and swings, but there, on the playground, she created a demand for her Crayola paintings. She didn’t realize it then, but she was born for business and by the time Sasha attended college, she already knew where she would focus her studies, and here she is today, a business coach, administrator, and strategist.

After receiving her MBA from The University of West Georgia, she transformed her gift and acquired skills sets into products catered to empowering Christian women with bible-inspired services and products such as e-books, e-courses, journals, planners, workshops, public speaking, group and private coaching, and audio products. She has also used her experience and love of business to serve in several administrative capacities for the up building and advancement of the church since 2015.