Stewardship ‘Be the Change’ Campaign

Our 2020 Stewardship campaign is underway and embracing our universal theme this year of BE THE CHANGE. Stewardship packets will be mailed out next week to all members. The packet contains a pledge card and a self-addressed return envelope, a Sharing Our Time & Talents booklet and Commitment form, and a profile from your Realm account. The pledge card may be returned before Commitment Sunday and can also be done on-line. We ask that all pledge cards be completed by October 27th.

Click here to view the 2020 Sharing Your Time and Talents Booklet and to fill out your 2020 Sharing Your Time and Talents Form.

Also, join us on Sunday, October 27th, at 10:00am for brunch in the Fellowship Hall. The Stewardship and Fellowship Committees, the brunch sponsors, want to thank you for your commitment to your church family.

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