NPC has landed in Honduras!!  We arrived in Tegucigalpa along with a plane full of other mission teams.  Everyone had at least one person in the row with them that was headed to Honduras on a mission trip.  

After taking in some of the local food (McDonalds) we loaded up on the HOI bus along with our friends from Westminster Pres. and left the capital city for Juticalpa where we are staying for the night.  Along the way we stopped at a local bakery to use the restrooms and have a snack or two.  

Honduras is a very beautiful country with large green mountains, a very warm climate, and friendly people.  We are very excited to start this journey and learn about our brothers and sisters from this country. 

Every day we will bring you a different blog post or two from one of the members of our team and their perspective on the day.  Please share this blog with your friends and pray for our mission in Honduras to be one worthy of the Lord's blessing.  


The NPC Honduras Mission Team.