Family Promise (IHN) at Northminster

Imagine your family not only homeless due to a crisis, but forced to live in separate shelters!

The Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) of Family Promise is a unique ministry because of its interfaith component and because families are allowed to stay together. The majority of shelters serve mothers with young children, or they serve men and teenage boys. The success of this model is largely due to the support it provides to intact families, and to single fathers with young children.

Northminster joins 11 area congregations to provide temporary assistance, hospitality and case management for families with children experiencing homelessness. We will convert our adult Sunday school classrooms into comfortable sleeping rooms for our guests.  The Fireside Room will provide a gathering space. Meals will take place in Fellowship Hall.

During our host weeks, we will welcome up to 14 guests (no more than four families). We will provide shelter, warm meals, and hospitality and during their stay. They will arrive at Northminster each evening and will leave each morning to go to work, school, or the Day Shelter, which will operate out of St. Luke's Presbyterian in Dunwoody.

 Volunteer, Donate, Serve

 We’ll need many hands before and during our host weeks.  Here’s what we’re looking for.

  • Help with meals. Talk to Susan Hardee or Jeanne Patterson
  • Supplies. Contact Clay Boyles, Ann Henley, or Paige Edwards. The list ranges from portable furniture to soap and cleaning items.  
  • Hosting our guests overnight.  
  • Set up. Talk to George Copenhaver.
  • Tear down. Talk to Greg Hardy.   
  • Laundry - washing all those linens!  Talk to Marline Kelly
  • Anything else? Susan Harper ( )