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As the NPC Job Networking Ministry grows and offers more programs, this resource section will continually grow, adding good links and documents to help you in your career transition.


Regular Job Networking Program Materials
NPC-JNM-000 Out of a Job - Now What?  
NPC-JNM-001 Your Resume - Make it Work for You
NPC-JNM-001a Your Resume (detailed)
NPC-JNM-002 Your Marketing Kit - Everything you need to Sell Yourself
NPC-JNM-023 Job Search Marketing Plan
NPC-JNM-021 Your Marketing Kit - Marketing Plan Example 1
NPC-JNM-022 Your Marketing Kit - Marketing Plan Example 2
NPC-JNM-003 Your Elevator Pitch - Who you are in 20 seconds
NPC-JNM-009 LinkedIn & Networking - The Do's and Dont's 
NPC-JNM-010 Job Search Resources...Where to Find Company + People Info
NPC-JNM-016 NetWeaving - The next Level of Networking
NPC-JNM-008 Age 50+ Job Search - Turn it to Your Advantage
NPC-JNM-013 Interview Guide: Getting the Job
NPC-JNM-013a Interview Guide: Getting the Job (long version)
NPC-JNM-015 What do you want to be when you grow up?
NPC-JNM-017 Networking - Face to Face
Additional Resources and Materials
NPC-JNM-004 Resume - Alternative Words - A 
NPC-JNM-005 Resume - Alternative Words - B
NPC-JNM-006 Resume - Template and Sample - Chronological
NPC-JNM-007 Resume - Template and Sample - Hybrid (chron & functional) 
NPC-JNM-011  Job Search Websites
NPC-JNM-012 Organizations and Associations Websites
NPC-JNM-014 Making Them Thirsty - Sales Without Selling
NPC-JNM-018 Resource Materials for Job Seekers
Job Seekers Success Program
NPC-JSSP Job Seekers Success Program (zip file)