Job Seekers Success Program

This is a guided program put together by the Job Networking Ministry of Northminster Presbyterian Church.  The purpose of this program is to put you on the road to success in your job search by providing you with the tools you need as well as a way for you to be accountable – first to your your Accountability Partner and then to yourself.

At the end of the Program, you will have:

  1. Your Marketing Kit – everything you need to make sure that you never miss an opportunity
  2. Your Planning Kit – to help you in your daily and weekly activities and ensure that you don’t stop doing the activities that will make you successful
  3. An Accountability Partner(s) to help you never forget

How does it work?

By entering this program, you commit to doing the essential activities that anyone should do at the outset of a job search.  A volunteer from NPC JNM, will work with you as your initial accountability partner to ensure that you get those essential items completed and will help you identify those people who will continue in that role.  The program works in 6 steps:

  1.  You sign up for the program by providing contact information and agreeing to complete the first phase of the program.
  2. You are assigned a volunteer Accountability Partner from NPC JNM.
  3. With the help of your JNM Accountability Partner and the materials provided, you complete your Marketing Kit.
  4. Upon completion of the Marketing Kit, your JNM Accountability Partner will then provide you with your Planning Kit and help you understand how it works.
  5. Your JNM Accountability Partner will then help you find your own Accountability Partner, who you will be in contact with on a regular basis, to ensure that you are continuing to do the things you need to do.
  6. Continue to attend the JNM meetings to fine tune your job search, and most importantly, once you land that job, come back and share with us how you did it!

What this program is not:

  • Although this program is run by volunteers from Northminster Presbyterian Church, it is not a religious program.  This is a faithful group doing what they can to help anyone, of any belief system, to find a job, to find a better job or to change careers.
  • This program is not the only thing you should do to help your job search, but we hope it can form the core of a good set of practices that will help you.

Your Commitment is Requested:

If you sign up for this program, you agree to:

  • Work with your NPC JNM Guide to complete the items in the Marketing Kit
  • Be available for email or calls as you work through the process
  • Send completed documents via email to your NPC JNM Guide
  • Work to find an Accountability Partner to help you in your search

Northminster Presbyterian Church Job Networking Group agrees to:

  • Work with you as your temporary Accountability Partner to complete the items in the Marketing Kit
  • Be available for email or calls as you work through the process
  • Review completed documents you send via email to your NPC JNM Guide
  • Work with you to help you identify an Accountability Partner to help you in your search
  • Upon completion of your Marketing Kit, will send you the Planning Kit portion of your Job Seekers Success Program and answer any questions about how it works.
  • Transfer Accountability Partner status to your chosen Accountability Partner(s)

If you are ready to go, please click here to email with "Job Seekers Success Program" in the subject line.